You are a lover and a friend
A song stuck in my head
A late spring rite
A warm summer night
An angel untamed
A kiss in the rain

When I am broken and lost
You keep me whole
Despite the cost
When I’ve done wrong
I find elation in your song
Each note plays forgiveness
A salvation offering
For my sinfulness




I remember when we loved
When passion was our only rite
We placed our trust
In all that ever was
And loved until the morning light

Do you remember all the nights
We danced away the hours
When only you and I
Could hear love’s sigh
And all the world was ours

If you remember all that passed between us
When our love was new
Come back to me
To a time when we felt free
And know love as I do


*The first stanza was originally posted by me on Twitter and expanded here.

Letter from Paris



I found an old letter in a box
The kind of letter nobody writes anymore
It had been opened and neatly replaced in its envelope
Written in lovely script
A love letter to an American woman from her former lover in France
“Tu me manque,” the letter said.
I miss you.
My grandmother had never spoken of this man to me
But I know she hadn’t forgotten him
His picture lay next to the letter
He was young and handsome
Like Jean-François
Whom I hadn’t thought about in years
We had said Adieu on Pont Neuf that night
While other lovers kissed, we cried
With quiet, unshed tears
And now those almost forgotten memories
Have been revived
By an old letter that I’d found
In a box