Sorin’s Dilemma

She was captive in a prism of light within an obsidian cave on a remote moon of the fifth planet. A savage angel, her wings were useless here. Her spirit, which sustained her for these past ten lunar months, began to lag. She was as close to despair as she ever had been. Tears filled the corners of her ice blue eyes.

“Just what I thought… You’re defeated, eh? Given up?”

“We’ll see about that,” Sorin said after a long moment. She looked over her shoulder at her tormentor, Ejan, who was the only other being in this hell with her. He’d been there when she was first imprisoned and rarely spoke.

“What are you planning?” he said, actually sounding curious.

Sorin just lay back, not certain what she intended to do. It was hopeless. The obsidian walls rendered her magic useless. She alternated between defiance and despair, refusing to give in, but unable to unlock the secrets of the prism of light which held her, but also was key to her freedom.

Ejan snorted. “You’re not trying hard enough. The key to your escape is within you.”

“What do you know, Ejan?”

“There’s no fun in just telling you.”

“Don’t you want to get out?” Sorin asked.

The older man looked wistful. “I don’t know.”

“Well I do know,” Sorin said, defiantly.