4 thoughts on “When Angels Call”

  1. Hello. I am very sorry my English-as-2nd-language poetry was too weird.
    I was going to request a few words of advice when I saw you had blocked me! So I double-checked my piece… By ‘grazing at horizons’ I meant fleeting touch, scraping lightly perhaps like a finger on the surface of water. By ‘hazing afar’ I meant appearing as an image through the haze… & certainly not “strenuous harassment” !!!

    -My wrong, from lack of carefulness. I was already aware of such distortions from Maya and Japanese friends speaking otherwise nearly perfect French.

    -Keep up your good vibes & have a good life young women.

    •Alain = Allan = @lila_vajra

    (even my twitter handle can sound weird, but not for a Buddhist: Vajra is Diamond/Thunder)

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t remember blocking you or anybody, but neither do I employ my site to give advice or invite other users to post their poetry. If you wish to comment on my posts I would be pleased to have them.

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