The Undefined Girl

I walked along

The railroad tracks

Of a long deserted town

Did you think about me

Smoking a cig

Sitting on the damp sod

Writing a song

I didn’t write about you

A far off train whistle

Was a more dulcet tone

Than any I’d written

The day you left

I didn’t cry … or eat

A cardinal sat in the tree

But didn’t sing

I started to text you

It rained, probably due

To my mood

I wished for a rainbow

It was spring

For an instant and then

Autumn again

The cardinal saw me but

Didn’t care

He had other things on his mind

Funny how that works

I couldn’t tell you what I felt

Defining my feelings

Is my deepest fear

That night you held me

Telling me you understood

Made me tremble

I even half-believed you

I wanted to believe

Did I ever tell you

I believed in religion

In Heaven and Hell

Because I needed definition

I will always love you


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