Forgetting You

Forget you
It’s not what
I’d planned
Your tender touch
My uncertain desires
How you knew

Words whispered sparingly
Deeply penetrating
Those secret places
I revealed
You knew
And you grinned

Forget you
That’s what I heard
It’s what you wanted
Nothing is forever
You said
Not even us

You didn’t come back
Yes I knew
I didn’t cry
Maybe I did
I cried inside
Where no one could see

I want to forget you
I want to forget your touch
I want to forget that
It wasn’t my plan
To love you

©Cate Derham

14 thoughts on “Forgetting You”

  1. NICE cate !!!! i wanted to “like” this LOL but i cant find a like button … forgive me im so new 2 wordpress but will def eventually be more present here + read more of ur stuff : ))))) this is lovely because i was recently FINALLY over my ex gf and … i realized i was FINALLY over her when i felt sorry for whomever she is criticizing right now LOLLLL : () but for so long .. letting go of the good times was difficult .. so i relate to your poem here ; ) and thankfully i relate to it in the PAST !!!! haha !! here’s to the future !

    1. Hey there, I’m thrilled you liked it and can relate. Sorry you had a break up but it’s good you’re coping well. Let’s stay in touch! xx

      1. I’m so glad to know that! I’ve been thinking about you, too. Let’s talk soon. You can dm me on twitter, or email any time. And yes, East Hampton is fab. 🙂

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