Forgetting You

Forget you
It’s not what
I’d planned
Your tender touch
My uncertain desires
How you knew

Words whispered sparingly
Deeply penetrating
Those secret places
I revealed
You knew
And you grinned

Forget you
That’s what I heard
It’s what you wanted
Nothing is forever
You said
Not even us

You didn’t come back
Yes I knew
I didn’t cry
Maybe I did
I cried inside
Where no one could see

I want to forget you
I want to forget your touch
I want to forget that
It wasn’t my plan
To love you

©Cate Derham


14 thoughts on “Forgetting You”

  1. NICE cate !!!! i wanted to “like” this LOL but i cant find a like button … forgive me im so new 2 wordpress but will def eventually be more present here + read more of ur stuff : ))))) this is lovely because i was recently FINALLY over my ex gf and … i realized i was FINALLY over her when i felt sorry for whomever she is criticizing right now LOLLLL : () but for so long .. letting go of the good times was difficult .. so i relate to your poem here ; ) and thankfully i relate to it in the PAST !!!! haha !! here’s to the future !

      1. I’m so glad to know that! I’ve been thinking about you, too. Let’s talk soon. You can dm me on twitter, or email any time. And yes, East Hampton is fab. 🙂

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