In the dewy damp morning
I beheld the face of fate
In the distant dawn
Crimson fire in its wake
Rivers turned backward
As I watched
For his name’s sake
A lone rider
Vanquished his foes
By the break of day
And in his path
Under the wine press
Sinners lay
His garment spattered
Red as sunlight
Signaled victorious day
Glinting off his sword
Lovers reunited
Gathered at the gates
Witness to his glory
As trumpets sounded
In his name

©Cate Derham

Online and Beauty

A life lover's diary

Hello my dears – I’m back with a new article 🙂

This time, let’s take a moment to talk about beauty, and as usual, the effects of internet/online interaction on it.
It’s a topic I’ve been thinking to write about since a long time. Not only because I believe it’s important, but because consequences can be quite dramatic.
A few months back, I saw a video about a girl posting pictures of her without make-up and with make-up. The reactions and comments she got were quite heartbreaking.
The amazing VoElla team actually wrote a post about it, and they were kind enough to share my response to it on their website too.
You can find the article and the video here :
and my response here :
Please – before I go on – make sure to check this website and to follow them on FB/Twitter … These people lift you…

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