Online and Beauty

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Hello my dears – I’m back with a new article 🙂

This time, let’s take a moment to talk about beauty, and as usual, the effects of internet/online interaction on it.
It’s a topic I’ve been thinking to write about since a long time. Not only because I believe it’s important, but because consequences can be quite dramatic.
A few months back, I saw a video about a girl posting pictures of her without make-up and with make-up. The reactions and comments she got were quite heartbreaking.
The amazing VoElla team actually wrote a post about it, and they were kind enough to share my response to it on their website too.
You can find the article and the video here :
and my response here :
Please – before I go on – make sure to check this website and to follow them on FB/Twitter … These people lift you…

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