Me and the Bicycle

The bicycle doesn’t know it is broken

Its spokes twisted in every direction

Rearranged haphazardly

Like my world

Turned upside down

Hitting the cold pavement

Life continues though I am still

Nights are cold and days are long

His kiss is still felt though he left with hardly a word

And I am abandoned

Like a broken bicycle

My life a mess of malfunctioning parts

I refuse to confine it to a junkyard

It has worth if only to me

If it only knew

©Cate Derham


April Rain

Early sun on the canal

Quickly faded into grey

And you were the storm

On the horizon

Holding me breathless

Speaking to me

In undertones

Of secret desires

We shared

You left then

Leaving me in the shadow

Of the Grand Canal

In April rain

Uncaring of my pain

©Cate Derham