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Violet Dawn

A misty dawn witness
To the moon’s descent
Violet rainbows
Riders on the storm
That passes unheard
Through mirrored seas
Their crystalline waters
Reflect the ageless
Love and fortune’s tears
To a destiny
Waiting on the shore

©2016 Cate Derham




In the dewy damp morning
I beheld the face of fate
In the distant dawn
Crimson fire in its wake
Rivers turned backward
As I watched
For his name’s sake
A lone rider
Vanquished his foes
By the break of day
And in his path
Under the wine press
Sinners lay
His garment spattered
Red as sunlight
Signaled victorious day
Glinting off his sword
Lovers reunited
Gathered at the gates
Witness to his glory
As trumpets sounded
In his name

©Cate Derham


Once when the pale light
Of dawn crept in
I woke up next to you
A warm wind caressing us
On the Costa del Sol
And we kissed
Naked and wet
Glistening in the midst
Of rainbows
And secrets drifting
In from the sea
Painting images
In the sand
We walked on the beach
Clothed in triumph
And strings
Passion dripping from
The clouds
Bathing our skin
We walked to the water’s edge
The edge of forever
And held on

©Cate Derham

A Solitary Moment


You are the moment before I wake
A glint of sun before the dawn
An insatiable thirst
A soft moan I make
Your touch against my skin
Your taste upon my lips
A memory of my sin
Longing for you within
A solitary sleep
A secret that I keep
Locked inside my heart
Dying as we part

©Cate Derham

Photo credit: via Pink Noise @pivotal_terms on Twitter.