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It drizzled and you held me closer
As we walked across Pont Neuf
As we had so many times before
As we had the night we met
It was fitting that we say ‘Adieu’
On the spot where we fell in love

A moonless night where clouds sheltered lovers
Who kissed in the gentle rain
While we could only weep,
Was a strained note
A tortured melody

We huddled close
Not speaking the words
We’d rehearsed a thousand times
“Inevitable” was what always came to mind before anything else

We stopped mid-way looking at the landscape
Seeing only broken dreams
Other bridges
Places we’d been
Reminders of days and nights together

That night on Pont des Arts
Where like other lovers
We’d left a lock and threw the key into the Seine
Even then as we kissed we knew

More bridges than those across the river
Each greater than the one before
We said it didn’t matter
That we could overcome any bridge
But in the end we knew
It was inevitable

©Cate Derham