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Summer Dreams

Once when we bathed
In foamy waves
Of sultry dreams
I watched your verses
Turn to darker fears
Of salty tears
And dandelion years

We waited as summer’s end
Closed in on unspoken
Words and naked skin
Entangled thoughts
Collided with
Entangled limbs
And a final kiss

©Cate Derham


Once when I was younger
Absorbed in the abstract
I sank my feet in the sand
And caught a cloud
I read French philosophers
And ate a sandwich
While waves carried people
And foam pillows
A boy sold cotton candy
While I searched for Beauty
A ball rolled past my towel
Beauty chased it
She wanted to play so I stood up
I thought about sunspots
And love
Two girls threw the ball
And Beauty chased it
But they walked away so
I waited
A boy next to me slept
While I dreamed
I looked in a mirror
And tied my hair in a braid
A cool summer breeze
Preceded the rain
I thought about love some more
While I packed my belongings
Rain clouds covered the sun
And Beauty and I went home

©Cate Derham